About Bridge Rehabilitation

Bridge Rehabilitation is one of Australia’s leading providers of occupational rehabilitation, corporate wellness and injury management services. Our goal is to have a positive impact on the wellbeing of people in the workplace. To do this we develop proactive interventions and return to work programs that:

  • Assist employers to proactively support the health and wellness of their workforce
  • Identify and address potential and experienced OH&S risks
  • Enable the development and provision of training and early intervention strategies to equip workplaces with risk minimisation behaviours
  • Assist organisations to proactively manage vocational rehabilitation, ensuring early return to work and prompt progression to normal duties
  • Facilitate transition to new employment when this is required

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Kevan Walsh

Occupational Therapist / Ergonomist

Kevan has a wealth of experience in the provision of Occupational Rehabilitation services. He has worked as a Rehabilitation Coordinator in large, multi-site organisations  in both the public and private sectors. Kevan’s strong negotiation skills have assisted many companies to manage OH&S risks as well as the return to work of injured employees. Kevan’s commitment to early intervention has resulted in a reduction of compensation claims for many organisations

Cher Wallace

Organisational Psychologist

Cher is an Organisational Psychologist with extensive experience in implementing change in complex organisations. Cher’s approach to rehabilitation draws on organisational and psychological theory as well as her experience working across multiple sectors. In providing informed, proactive assistance, Cher supports supervisors to plan, implement and manage change in the workplace. Cher is also skilled at helping individuals adapt and succeed when they are facing difficulties in the workplace. As a trained mediator, Cher also assists supervisors and workers to repair working relationships.

Marita Alexander

Rehabilitation Counsellor

Marita has been working in the Occupational Rehabilitation sector for over 10 years in a consulting and management capacity and has worked across many industries in both the public and private sector in assisting workers to return to work with their pre-injury employer as well as with a new employer.

She is extremely experienced in case management; vocational rehabilitation, injury management consulting, vocational assessments, and vocational counselling. Marita has provided support to assist workers to return to work in a sustainable manner.

Marita also is experienced in working for an employer in injury management driving return to work and wellbeing initiatives in the private health sector.

Marita also comes to Bridge with experience in human resources, recruitment and selection and industrial relations.

Tim Angel

Occupational Therapist / Ergonomist

Tim completed his final year placement with Bridge Rehabilitation in 2005. Since then, Tim  has refined his knowledge and practice by working extensively in occupational rehabilitation, OH&S and workplace rehabilitation. Tim possesses a strong working knowledge of occupational rehabilitation. He excels in determining client needs and working with clients to achieve successful outcomes. Tim has highly refined negotiation skills and is dedicated to achieving successful outcomes for his clients.

Brad Chapman

Exercise Physiologist

Brad is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology and Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human Movement. Brad finds being an Exercise Physiologist rewarding as it empowers individuals to improve their quality of life through exercise and lifestyle change. Brad loves that he can use “exercise as medicine” to help people treat their chronic disease and injuries.

Brad’s areas of specialisation include: exercise interventions for people with chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, falls prevention for older adults and strength and conditioning. Brad also has a strong interest in ergonomics and occupational rehabilitation as he believes that injury prevention is the key to people maintaining their functional independence and reducing their risk of developing injuries