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Driving Assessment

If you have been injured or disabled, your ability to drive may be affected. Fortunately, most people find that they are only affected for a short while and are able to resume driving without the assistance of an occupational therapist. For others, however, returning to driving isn’t so straight forward and a driving assessment with an occupational therapist is required.

If you are currently unable to drive and would like to regain your independence, Bridge Rehabilitation may be able to help. Bridge Rehabilitation has two highly experienced and VicRoads Accredited Occupational Therapists who are available to conduct Occupational Therapy Driver Assessments.

What to expect

Your driver assessment process will be divided into three parts: A Medical Assessment, an Off Road Assessment and a On Road Assessment. Details of these assessments are provided below.


1. Medical Assessment

Before you have your driving assessment with an occupational therapist from Bridge Rehabilitation, you will need to provide a medical report from your doctor or specialist. The report must indicate that you are medically fit to take part in the assessment.

2. Off Road Assessment

As part of your off road assessment, your therapist will ask you about your driving history. He or she will also assess your physical ability as well as your sensory, visual and thinking abilities. Your knowledge of road rules will also be assessed at this time.

3. On Road Assessment

Your initial on-road test will be in a dual-control vehicle. Your driving will be tested on a pre-set route. If you need to be assessed for driving other vehicles such as  motorbikes or trucks, this can be arranged after the outcome of your initial on road assessment.


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