Early Intervention

Are your workers at risk of injury or illness?

Bridge Rehabilitation’s early intervention services can help you to identify and respond to warning signs of accidents or incidents within the workplace.

Early intervention in the workplace is an excellent idea for employers who want to prevent illness and injury in their workplace. Responding early to known issues within your organisation can help prevent workers taking long-term sick leave or submitting a workers compensation claim down the track.

The sooner you notice the potential signs of injury or ill health in a worker, the sooner you can take active measures to help them. Early intervention reduces workplace risk. It also minimises compensation claims and boosts staff efficiency and morale.

What are the benefits of early intervention?

Bridge Rehabilitation’s early intervention services provides the following benefits:

  • Prevents long term absences due to work place related illness or injury
  • Demonstrates management’s commitment to workers
  • Promotes a supportive and pro-active workplace culture
  • Improves staff morale and confidence
  • Increases the speed and likelihood of injured or ill workers returning to work

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“My workers are at risk of injury. What should I do?”

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