Worksite Assessments

Worksite Assessments are undertaken by our experienced occupational therapists. They are designed to achieve an overview of the workplace which then helps us determine which duties will be suitable for an individual worker.

Worksite assessments can also help employers to create a more productive and safer working environment. They help employers manage risk and reduce injuries and accidents in the workplace. Worksite assessments often prevent costly compensation claims being made down the track.

Do you need a Worksite Assessment?

A worksite assessment is often requested before a previously injured worker is placed back into the workplace. At other times, it just makes good business sense to have an assessment done, rather than risk compensation claims in the future.

What happens during a Worksite Assessment?

During a workplace assessment, one of our qualified occupational therapists will visit your workplace (or home-based work environment if needed). During their visit, they will assess the suitability of the work environment to an individual employee’s capabilities and medical needs. This assessment will also take into account the needs of the organisation, the tools and equipment the employee uses and the needs of their co-workers.

At the time of the assessment, our occupational therapist will work closely with both the employee and employer and recommend any changes that will be needed to optimise work efficiency and minimise physical strain. From here, our therapists create a comprehensive report which outlines any further recommendations for change.



“What is a worksite assessment and why do we need one?”


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